Tough Times Call For A Tough Truck

Don’t try this with your tow truck. QuickLoadz is built to be the tough truck for every situation. Moving loaded containers? It’s so easy with QuickLoadz that you don’t have to get out of the truck. The 20k Super Bed can tilt up to 50°. The hydraulic cylinders are powerful enough to raise the whole truck and container off the ground, and the bed is strong enough to support it:

QuickLoadz is built so tough that a 20′ truck can pick up a 40′ container:

Get flexible.

QuickLoadz is the Swiss Army Knife truck. Use it in the construction site, the container yard, for moving vehicles, whatever you need. On top of moving loaded containers, QuickLoadz can replace all of these specialty vehicles with one all-in-one truck:

A flatbed. Okay, lots of people have flatbeds. But QuickLoadz is the only truck that has a full metal deck across all of our models, standard. No wooden decks, no open decks. We don’t think you should have to pay more to use the 20′ of bed you paid for.

A tow truck. With the Tow Package, you get tow plates and a tow bar for moving cars, SUVs, construction equipment, forklifts, inferior trailers, whatever you need. The bed slides back and tilts just like a roll-back tow truck. 

A truck that can unload itself of pallets. This is something we learned from one of our customers. They had used their forklift to fill up the bed with pallets, but their customer’s forklift was busy. They didn’t want to wait. They took their Tow Bar, attached it to the chain hooks, and used it to push the pallets off the bed. They found out they could unload a bed of pallets in a few minutes instead of an hour. Only QuickLoadz has that.

A truck that can move empty and full sea shipping containers without the driver ever leaving the safety of their truck. Now, this means they can self-isolate in the truck cabin and still deliver 60,000 lbs. of freight. Only QuickLoadz has that.

How much does this cost? How about $29/month?

QuickLoadz is offering leases, financing, whatever you need to get a QuickLoadz in your fleet—for just $29/month for the first six months. You can add a new service to your business, that no one can compete with, practically for free for half a year.  COVID-19 won’t last forever, and neither will this deal. Call now.

Get ready for the bounce.

When the restrictions are lifted, the economy is going to bounce back strong. Get ready for business to boom. 

If you move containers, move freight, move equipment, move merchandise, or really move anything on a trailer, you need QuickLoadz. QuickLoadz can drop a 60,000 lb. container onto the ground, automatically, in three minutes. QuickLoadz raises the speed of freight from hours to minutes.

- Sean

The $7/mile Load

Some of our customers are charging $7/mile. 

How much business do they get charging that much? They’re too busy for more jobs. They have a QuickLoadz, so they’re the only business in their region that can move loaded containers.

With QuickLoadz, you get:

A flatbed. Okay, lots of people have flatbeds. But QuickLoadz is the only container trailer that has a full metal deck across all of our models, standard. No wooden decks, no open decks. We don’t think you should have to pay more to use the 40′ of trailer you paid for.

A sliding axle tilt tow trailer. Lots of guys have that, but only QuickLoadz has a trailer that can slide its axles while the truck is in motion. Since QuickLoadz is remotely operated you don’t need to get out of the truck to slide the axles. This means you can slide the axles while you’re moving in a parking lot. This is incredibly helpful for maneuverability in those tight container yards or those small parking lots. 

A trailer that can unload itself of pallets. This is something we learned from one of our customers. They had used their forklift to fill up the bed with pallets, but their customer’s forklift was busy. They didn’t want to wait. They took their Tow Bar, attached it to the chain hooks, and used it to push the pallets off the bed. They found out they could unload a bed of pallets in a few minutes instead of an hour. Only QuickLoadz has that.

A trailer that can move empty and full sea shipping containers without the driver ever leaving the safety of their truck. Now, this means they can self-isolate in the truck cabin and still deliver 60,000 lbs. of freight. Only QuickLoadz has that.

If you want to have one trailer that can do what everyone else does, buy a QuickLoadz.
If you want a trailer that does what no one else can, buy a QuickLoadz and charge accordingly.
If you want a trailer that will keep you safe, buy a QuickLoadz.

- Sean

The True No-Touch Load

QuickLoadz is remotely controlled by the driver with their smartphone. Load or unload entire containers full of merchandise without ever leaving your seat in the truck. You don’t have to touch the load to move it.

Of course, this also means you don’t have to touch other people. This makes QuickLoadz the only quarantine-safe method for delivering freight and merchandise in shipping containers.

Move 60,000 lbs. at the new speed of freight.

Unloading a semi at a loading dock takes hours. QuickLoadz changes that to minutes.

Don’t waste your time or your employee’s time at a loading dock. Don’t get out of the truck. Don’t even touch anyone.

Only with QuickLoadz.

- Sean

Don’t Touch Your Face? Don’t Touch The Load!

Stay safe, stay in the cab

A new threat shows a new way QuickLoadz keeps drivers safe and deliveries happening

QuickLoadz is designed to be operated remotely. Every trailer and truck bed has a built-in computer and Wi-Fi network that allows an entire load to move without the operator leaving the cab. Push a few buttons and get back out on the road. 

Operating QuickLoadz Remote Web App Software

Unforeseen benefits.

QuickLoadz is delivering containers without the driver ever leaving the truck cab, keeping truckers safe from global pandemic. 

The true no-touch load.

- Sean

QuickLoadz at MODEX 2020

Come visit us at booth 4824 at MODEX 2020 in Atlanta, Georgia next week.

From March 9–12, QuickLoadz will be attending MODEX 2020. QuickLoadz will feature two stands focusing on how QuickLoadz new, high-tech trailers will change the world of freight and logistics. QuickLoadz truck beds and trailers automatically move loaded sea shipping containers. No other company in the world builds a trailer capable of automatically moving loaded sea shipping containers. This will extend intermodal freight to hundreds of thousands of new businesses and change how large companies from Amazon to Walmart move freight. QuickLoadz is the only company in the world ready to work with autonomous trucks to move entire loads of freight without anyone ever touching the load. That’s a revolution.

MODEX features over 900 leading providers in supply chain management, efficiency-enhancing and cost-cutting technology solutions:

“As the speed of manufacturing, supply chain and transportation operations continues to accelerate, the future of our industry depends on today’s forward-thinking decisions. From illuminating education to next-generation technology and equipment in action, MODEX lets you see what’s coming—and take advantage of it to power your supply chain with endless possibilities for years to come.”

- Sean

How Much Is A Head Worth?

Okay, so some heads are worth more than others.

But how much is YOUR head worth?

Think about your head. Right at chain height while you try to winch a container on an old fashioned trailer. Worrying that the container doesn’t snag, or the winch cable doesn’t break, or the chain doesn’t snap, or the chain doesn’t pop out of its corner casting.

You can always buy a cheaper trailer than QuickLoadz. But QuickLoadz takes that dangerous, slow, skilled job and turns it into 3 minutes of pushing buttons on your cellphone while sipping coffee in the warm safety of the truck cab.

Operating QuickLoadz Remote Web App Software
- Sean

Stop That, It’s Illegal

It’s not the fine, it’s the liability.

I was at a DOT lecture at the NPSA conference. The point of the lecture was DOT enforcement of moving loaded containers. The lecturer specifically mentioned refrigerated containers, household goods, and office containers as violations.

Office containers are loaded containers, and have to comply with FCMA rules.

If there is anything in the container at all, the four corners have to be on the trailer and the container has to be locked through either the upper or lower corner castings in such a way as to keep the container from moving more than 1″ in any direction. They specifically said the reason you can’t use chains on the lower corner castings is because the container can lift 1″. Lower corner castings have to have a lock down as well as forward and sideways. 

It was very clear and elicited a lot of boos from the audience. Primarily because, how do you in a practical manner chain through the upper corner castings? Have to carry around a ladder or have a trailer with slide-in pins. 

At the 2019 Ohio Freight Conference in Cincinnati, after a lecture on Intermodal freight, I specifically asked the ODOT and the federal DOT lecturers about the same subject. They both referred me to the manual and both said the same thing. 

It only takes one.

I don’t think most state troopers know the rules well enough to stop an office container. But it only takes one. Then, everyone at the station knows. That’s what one of our new customers found—once they got stopped, they got stopped every time they had an office container. We were able to get them a trailer in 30 days, but that was 30 days they didn’t move office containers.

What happens when there’s an accident?

Then there is the whole scary liability that if there is an accident and the load was an office container hanging off the back of the trailer, it is illegal, you know it is illegal, but are doing it anyway because you haven’t gotten caught in the past. You are knowingly violating FCMA rules, will your insurance company cover you? If they do, will they continue to carry you?

Take away the worry. Move loaded containers legally and safely.

The corner locks in every QuickLoadz make it easy to legally lock any loaded container to a bed.

- Sean

They Bought A Trailer After Being Told It Could Move Loaded Containers

I was talking to a new customer who said that they were moving an office container with a tow trailer. They had two feet hanging off the back, something they had done dozens of times before, and that they thought was perfectly legal.

It’s not.

They were almost 300 miles from home when they were pulled over because the end of the container was hanging off the back of the trailer by two feet. The company that sold them the trailer assured them that it was legal. An $11,000 fine, an out of service, a tow, a crane, and a flatbed later, and they were convinced that it was not legal. All told, they thought they had around $13,500 in costs, plus they can’t move their office containers without risking it again.

This container is not fully on the trailer nor is it secured through the corner castings. This is only legal if the container is completely empty.

It is only legal if the container is completely empty.

Anything in the container, and certainly an office trailer or other converted container, is not considered empty. At a conference a DOT official explained it like this:

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“If the container is empty, and by that I mean a completely empty standard container, then the container is the load. If, however, there is anything at all in the container—and this could be a carpet—the contents of the container are the load, and therefore the container has to be completely on the trailer, and secured through the corner castings.”

Here is a summary of the regulation from Securing Loaded Intermodal Containers on Non-Chassis Vehicles:

Section 3.6.3:

“All lower corners rest upon the vehicle,”

Like QuickLoadz does.

“Either chains, wire ropes, or integral devices that are fixed to all lower corners,”

Like the hydraulic corner pin locks that activate instantly by the push of a button on every QuickLoadz.

“Or crossed chains that are fixed to all upper corners,”

That sounds hard, bring a ladder.

Why can most people only move empties?

Because most people can’t comply with these regulations. Let’s look at how a simple trailer loads containers:

The winch takes up space at the front of the bed, so the container doesn’t load all the way. There’s a few feet of container hanging off the back. This container doesn’t meet the requirement that all four corners must be on the bed.

This is a properly loaded container. All four corners are on the bed and the chains are securing the container to the bed. It’s a really great way to move loaded containers if you want your employees to spend an hour in the sun, wind, rain, or snow manually winching and chaining up a container. Not to mention, with the container chained up like that, you can’t open the doors and unload it at a loading dock like you can with QuickLoadz.

QuickLoadz makes it safe and easy to be legal.

QuickLoadz dual chain drive chains pull the container all of the way onto the trailer and then lock it on with the pins through the four corner castings. The dual drive chains then push the container off of the trailer so no part of the container ever needs to hang off of the back of the trailer. This makes moving not only empty containers fast, safe, and easy, but allows you to move loaded sea shipping containers legally.

With this ability to move loaded containers you open up an entirely new business line. A lot of companies have tow trailers to move empties, but with QuickLoadz, you can move loaded containers, and charge accordingly. The only other options are cranes at both end—pretty expensive and difficult to coordinate.

In summary:

  1. With QuickLoadz you take a 20 minute long, difficult, dangerous job involving straps, chains, and lots of dragging things around and turn it into 3 minutes of pushing buttons on your cell phone.
  2. With QuickLoadz you don’t run the risk of a huge fine for illegally moving a container with part of it hanging off of the back of the trailer.
  3. With QuickLoadz you open up an entirely new, lucrative line of business in moving loaded containers. Shoot, maybe when one of your competitors gets hit for moving office containers illegally, you can offer them your services.
- Sean

QuickLoadz Hops Across The Pond

JobsOhio and London Stock Exchange have combined to bring world class training to help companies such as QuickLoadz prepare for the next steps in moving into international markets. For QuickLoadz, management training in the ELITE program was an intense immersion into the world of big business.

Sunday the 27th of October in London the management of QuickLoadz was very happy to be graduating in the very first US cohort of the London Stock Exchange Groups ELITE program. ELITE is London Stock Exchange Group’s international business support and capital raising program for ambitious and fast growing companies.

First group of Ohio companies join ELITE USA | LSEG

QuickLoadz receives constant inquires about bringing our automated container moving trailers to Europe. We are looking forward to working with the London Stock Exchange Group’s vast network to find partners to spread QuickLoadz. Sure that will be nice, but along with our other cohort companies, we get to ring open the London Stock Exchange which will be fun.

- Sean

QuickLoadz Expanding Production in Athens County

Quick Loadz Container System (QuickLoadz), a rapidly growing manufacturer of patented truck beds and trailers that automatically load and unload shipping containers, announced today its expansion into the Bill Theisen Industrial Park in Athens County.

The announcement was made in London as QuickLoadz celebrated its graduation from the London Stock Exchange Group’s ELITE Program, a program in partnership with JobsOhio. Designed to provide high-growth potential companies with intensive education, business support, and direct contact with the international financial and advisory community, QuickLoadz was one of ten companies from southeastern Ohio to complete the program.

“The ELITE program is helping us support important growth opportunities in Ohio, and the expansion of QuickLoadz today is the perfect example of how this partnership can help propel new job creation across the state,” said Lt. Governor Jon Husted. “I’m confident that JobsOhio’s strategic investment in these Southeast Ohio companies will continue to support new growth in the region.”

QuickLoadz plans to add 40 new jobs and grow to 52 employees over the next three years as it expands its production capacity and grows sales of their unique shipping system.

“QuickLoadz is a great example of how innovative companies can establish a business in southeast Ohio and continue to thrive and grow,” said Dana Saucier, JobsOhio Vice President and Head of Economic Development. “This investment demonstrates the confidence QuickLoadz has in Athens County’s talent, and brings new opportunity to a vacant facility there.”

Company owner Sean Jones founded the business in 2013, after inventing a microcomputer-controlled system that allows operators to complete the container moving process from a smart phone.

“QuickLoadz products are unique, patented and in high demand. The increased production capacity will allow the company to grow quickly, creating high-wage, high-skilled jobs in southeastern Ohio,” said Jones.

The QuickLoadz system allows drivers to back their truck up to a container using a rearview camera viewed on their phone, then push a button on the phone that lowers the trailer to ground level. A lift goes under the container to pick it up, and the trailer uses built-in hooks, chains and rollers to grab the container and move it smoothly onto the truck bed. The result is a transfer that is quicker and safer.

Jones was originally in the mobile storage business and daily experienced the need for a more efficient way to move shipping containers. He applied his engineering, business and storage backgrounds to the problem and QuickLoadz was born.

It was not long before the demand for the product exceeded the company’s ability to keep up with orders. Major customers, including moving and shipping companies and government agencies, wanted more units than QuickLoadz could provide.

The move from a small building in Nelsonville to the 47,000 square foot building in the industrial park will enable QuickLoadz to take more orders, reduce delivery times, and increase sales. That, in turn, will result in new jobs for skilled, well-paid workers to fabricate and assemble the trailers and truck beds and manage the growing company.

QuickLoadz is renovating and moving into a building that has been vacant since 2014 and had fallen into disrepair. The property has housed several different businesses over the years and was originally the location of Columbus & Southern Power’s Poston Power Plant.

“QuickLoadz has been a familiar face in the thriving Athens entrepreneurial scene,” commented Sara Marrs-Maxfield, Executive Director of Athens County EDC. “We are very excited that the company will stay in the county as they mature and continue to be successful. This is a great example of growing your own, and we are thankful that JobsOhio and APEG recognize the value of supporting emerging companies that already exist in the region.”

The company will invest approximately $1.2 million to renovate the building and to get it ready for increased production. JobsOhio and the Appalachian Partnership for Economic Growth (APEG) assisted the company in obtaining a $300,000 JobsOhio Revitalization Grant to renovate the property. The program is designed to encourage redevelopment of underutilized properties and support companies that are creating new jobs and investing capital in fixed assets.

“We are very pleased we could support a smaller growing company that is doing world class business from right here in southeastern Ohio,” commented APEG President Mike Jacoby. “QuickLoadz is a leading example of a local company combining innovation with manufacturing expertise to grow, create jobs and positively impact our economy.”

Appalachian Growth Capital (AGC), a new federally designated Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI), provided financial advisory and analysis services to QuickLoadz during their planning phase. AGC also linked the company to secondary lenders, one of which ultimately provided financing for the expansion project.

“QuickLoadz is creating jobs and making excellent products, and we are pleased to be able to support their growth,” said AGC Executive Vice President Brad Blair.

- Sean