From The City That Brought You The #1 Draft Pick…

…Comes The #1 Container Moving Truck. 

What does a #1 NFL Draft Pick and Heisman Trophy winner have in common with the #1 container moving truck?

Both are versatile.
Both are worth every penny.
Both are game changers.
Both were made in the hills of Athens, Ohio.

Add to your fleet the one truck that can move loaded containers automatically, move equipment, tow a car or SUV, automatically unload pallets, tilt up to 50° like a dump truck, and more.

The truck that can do it all.

QuickLoadz is the Swiss Army Knife truck. Use it in the construction site, the container yard, for moving vehicles, whatever you need. On top of moving loaded containers, QuickLoadz can replace all of these specialty vehicles with one all-in-one truck:

A flatbed. Okay, lots of people have flatbeds. But QuickLoadz is the only truck that has a full metal deck across all of our models, standard. No wooden decks, no open decks. We don’t think you should have to pay more to use the 20′ of bed you paid for.

A tow truck. With the Tow Package, you get tow plates and a tow bar for moving cars, SUVs, construction equipment, forklifts, inferior trailers, whatever you need. The bed slides back and tilts just like a roll-back tow truck. 

A truck that can unload itself of pallets. This is something we learned from one of our customers. They had used their forklift to fill up the bed with pallets, but their customer’s forklift was busy. They didn’t want to wait. They took their Tow Bar, attached it to the chain hooks, and used it to push the pallets off the bed. They found out they could unload a bed of pallets in a few minutes instead of an hour. Only QuickLoadz has that.

A truck that can move empty and full sea shipping containers without the driver ever leaving the safety of their truck. Now, this means they can self-isolate in the truck cabin and still deliver 60,000 lbs. of freight. Only QuickLoadz has that.

Get ready for the bounce.

When the restrictions are lifted, the economy is going to bounce back strong. Get ready for business to boom. 

If you move containers, move freight, move equipment, move merchandise, or really move anything on a trailer, you need QuickLoadz. QuickLoadz can drop a 60,000 lb. container onto the ground, automatically, in three minutes. QuickLoadz raises the speed of freight from hours to minutes.

- Sean