QuickLoadz Launches Second Reg CF Campaign on Republic!

Exciting times are upon us as we redefine the world of freight. Today, the QuickLoadz team is thrilled to announce our second Reg CF round on Republic! We’re opening the doors for EVERYONE to acquire a stake in our company. 

Innovation 50 Years in the Making

For the past 50 years, intermodal freight has been largely unchanged relying on expensive, fixed infrastructure for container movement. This long-standing inefficiency not only inflates costs but slows the global economy. With more than 600 million ISO containers moving worldwide annually, there needs to be a better way to move sea shipping containers to reduce delays.

QuickLoadz introduces a paradigm shift with its revolutionary smartphone-controlled trailers. Engineered to move shipping containers faster, safer, and more efficiently than ever before. The innovative system eliminates the need for expensive loading docks and cranes. Drivers can now remain seated throughout the entire process, significantly enhancing overall efficiency and productivity. Now, a container can be loaded or unloaded in 3 minutes with the tap of a few buttons. 

Goods and materials must be 4ft off the ground, waiting to load or unload. Transport drivers wait anywhere from 3 hours to 3 days to unload at a loading dock. QuickLoadz reduces that time to 3 minutes! On average, only 1 in 20 container chassis is in transport. The other 19 are sitting, waiting to load or unload. That means 95% more container chassis need to be licensed, maintained, insured and managed compared to one QuickLoadz.

Company Highlights:

  • Revenue $10M to date; Est. ’24 Rev = $15M 
  • QuickLoadz is global: exports comprise 20% of 2023 sales, QuickLoadz has attracted licensing inquiries from the EU and Asia
  • The company’s direct sales model reduces standing inventory
  • Global patents
  • Product ease of use, safety, creates savings and immediate ROI
  • Innovative logistics tech: Solves port congestion, final-mile distribution
  • QuickLoadz is in the hands of customers now: thousands of containers getting moved all over the world by QuickLoadz
  • Revenue to date +$10M
  • 2024 LOI for 100 units from Horizon Motor
  • Winner of numerous awards, most recently Amazon Small Business Grant winner 
  • Enterprise interest for 1,000 unit orders
  • Customers include the US Army, United Van Lines, United Rentals, and Irby Utilities

Investment Highlights:

  • Acquisition target for defense, logistics, global retail industries, in talks now
  • Triple-bottom line: solar/battery electric (EV), humanitarian aid
  • Huge $9.6T TAM
  • Operating high margin high revenue business with $5M in facility
  • High barriers to entry for competitors
  • Last QuickLoadz CF raise top rated by King’sCrowd independent reviewer of CF raises. 

Own a Piece of QuickLoadz for as little as $100!

Head over to our Republic campaign page for an in-depth look at the opportunity and dive into the specifics of our Reg CF campaign.  But don’t keep this excitement to yourself – share the news with your network and social media followers!

Summer is Coming Soon — Are You Prepared?

Humidity, heat, and summer storms are all on the horizon. With QuickLoadz, working in these conditions is no sweat — literally. QuickLoadz can be operated from the comfort of the air-conditioned truck cabin with a smartphone. 

Pick up anywhere.

Pick up containers from muddy fields and overgrown yards, even if they’ve been there for years and are sunk in the mud. Load or unload in 3 minutes, no matter the terrain.

See it in action:

QuickLoadz works safer, faster, and easier. There is no manual labor, just a few minutes of pushing buttons on your smartphone from the comfort of the truck.  

Doesn’t Just Move Containers

QuickLoadz doesn’t just move containers.

QuickLoadz moves vehicles and construction equipment. You can drive them directly onto the full-metal deck.

QuickLoadz moves supplies, freight and raw materials on pallets. Use the tow bar to automatically deliver them without a forklift.

QuickLoadz handles cargo gently and carefully, whether you’re delivering delicate glass solar panels or airplane engines.

QuickLoadz moves the heaviest of containers full of merchandise. You can deliver it at ground level in minutes.

And yes, QuickLoadz delivers fully loaded containers onto the ground and picks up another one to hit the road in minutes, not hours.

Give us a call and we can talk about how QuickLoadz is right for your business at (888) 304-3946 ext. 1.

- Sean

Do what no one else can

If you have a QuickLoadz, you can do what no one else can. You can move fully loaded containers anywhere.

That means you can charge 4x as much to move shipping containers.

The standard has risen to $1.40 per mile, but our customers with QuickLoadz are charging $6.

QuickLoadz trailer loading a 40' shipping container in the middle of a parking lot

It’s a sweet deal. You can move 60,000 lbs. of freight. You can pick it up or drop it right on the ground and be gone in minutes. You’ll save thousands — and then you’ll make even more.

Other trailers could be free and you’d still be better off buying QuickLoadz.

- Sean

Cut down on your fuel costs

With QuickLoadz, you cut the fuel cost, not the performance.

Every QuickLoadz trailer is now all-electric.

Other companies charge extra for battery-electric power, but QuickLoadz is offering it for free on all new trailers. The 38 HP gas engine is now a 20-kilowatt 72V electric motor with a 200-amp lithium-ion battery.

The 24k Super 20 with Electric Power Pack
  • Cheaper to operate
  • Less maintenance
  • Even easier to use
  • Quiet to run
  • More reliable
  • Lasts longer

All of these benefits for free — and you never have to buy fuel again — when you order a new QuickLoadz.

QuickLoadz at the Future of Supply Chain Conference

On May 10th, QuickLoadz will do what has never been done before. CEO Sean Jones will remotely load a full sea shipping container that is 900 miles away.

While standing on stage at the FreightWaves “Future of the Supply Chain” event in Bentonville Arkansas, Sean will move a full sea shipping container at our plant in Athens, Ohio.

This isn’t a stunt. This is to show that QuickLoadz is the future of the supply chain. QuickLoadz is so automated that we can move 90% of the world’s freight remotely.

Bentonville, Arkansas… that town sounds familiar…

- Sean

Invest to Speed Up Freight

Invest in the company that can complete the new world of freight. 

With just $150, you can become an investor in QuickLoadz, the new technology that can speed up freight all over the country. From shipping ports to distribution centers to container yards, everyone needs containers moved faster than ever.

Click here to join the 400+ QuickLoadz investors:

QuickLoadz skyrocketed to the top of the Republic home page within days. Don’t miss out on the opportunity; join the hundreds of people investing in the new world of freight.

Don’t Lose Drivers This Winter

How are you going to keep your drivers this winter?

With QuickLoadz, you can keep your drivers all year round. Why?

  • No frozen chains
  • No frozen straps
  • No manual labor
  • No leaving the truck cab
  • No harsh wind
  • No freezing temperatures
  • No snow

The Formula for QuickLoadz Reliability

It’s the small things that add up to reliability.

When we first started making trailers, we used the same connectors everyone in the trailer business used. And if you know trailers, after a couple years, you have electrical failures.

Deutsch Connector

Now, we use the best Deutsch connectors we can buy.

Most lights are not only connected to the harness ground, but they also have a separate ground wire. This means there would need to be over twice as many failures on a QuickLoadz to get the same intermittent light flickering problems that are so common to other trailers.

The extra grounding means we run extra wires; the “best we can buy” connectors add cost to our wiring harness; but that is part of the formula for QuickLoadz reliability.

The oldest QuickLoadz is now three years older than the seven-year standard life of a trailer. Ten years and counting…

QuickLoadz Welcomes Fox Business Channel for a Day of Live Reports

Athens, Ohio—QuickLoadz Intermodal Robotics was excited and honored Nov. 9 to host correspondent Jeff Flock and his Fox Business Network crew for a series of live reports on the role the company’s products can play in solving the nation’s supply chain woes.

Three reports aired that day from the QuickLoadz manufacturing site in Athens, Ohio, during the Stuart Varney, Neil Cavuto, and Liz Claman programs. In each, the patented QuickLoadz system of easily loading and unloading sea shipping containers was demonstrated on live television by company CEO and inventor Sean Jones. In one, the truck-mounted bed version for handling 20-foot containers was highlighted, while the others focused on the QuickLoadz chassis for over-road hauling of 40-foot containers.

Correspondent Flock accented the easy-to-use smartphone application that enables the driver to pick up the container, lock it in place, unlock it, and deposit it on the ground, all without the use of any further equipment and without leaving the cab of the truck. The reports pointed to the potential role of the QuickLoadz system in making shipment from port to final destination easier, thereby streamlining the supply chain.

Said Flock at the close of the final report, “All made in the USA. Solving a problem right here at home.”

About QuickLoadz Intermodal Robotics

QuickLoadz builds computer controlled, Wi-Fi-enabled truck beds and trailers to allow a driver to move loaded sea shipping containers in three minutes without leaving their seat in the truck cab.

Ninety percent of the world’s freight travels in sea shipping containers. This system is called intermodal freight and is the basis for world trade, a 9.6-trillion-dollar market. QuickLoadz allows any container to be moved anywhere without need for additional infrastructure such as loading docks, warehouses and cranes. QuickLoadz opens up the world of intermodal freight in a way never before possible.

QuickLoadz is the last piece to create the new world of freight. It creates a world where distribution centers can ‘pop-up’, expand or contract where needed.  A world where the autonomous truck can work with a QuickLoadz Intermodal Robotics trailer to deliver entire container loads of freight in three minutes without anyone touching the load.

QuickLoadz is developing a new all-electric drivetrain and Hybrid Power Axle system that will provide up to an estimated twenty percent in fuel savings. QuickLoadz is also building on the embedded multi-camera Wi-Fi computer system with GPS and cellular to create a built-in SAAS cloud logistics platform that can provide real-time information to managers and drivers alike.

QuickLoadz Intermodal Robotics contact:

Sean Jones
888 304 3946 ext. 4