QuickLoadz Truck Beds and Trailers

20′ Trailers

The 16k Super 20

The 24k Super 20

The 40k Super 20

20′ Trucks

The 20k Super Bed

The 40k Super Bed

40′ Short Trailers

The 20k Super Short 40

The 40k Super Short 40

40′ Models

The 26k Super 40

The 40k Super 40

The 60k Super High 40

The Stealth 40

Preorders Open

The Stealth 40.

All-electric battery power.
Hybrid Power Axles.
The same QuickLoadz features.

20′ TrailersOverall LengthCapacityMount Type
16k Super 2031′ 8″EmptyTagalong, Gooseneck
or 5th Wheel
24k Super 2031′ 8″LoadedTagalong, Gooseneck
or 5th Wheel
40k Super 2031′ 8″Fully LoadedTagalong, Gooseneck
or 5th Wheel
20′ Truck Beds
20k Super Bed22′ 6″Lightly LoadedBed-Mounted
40k Super Bed22′ 6″Fully LoadedBed-Mounted
40′ Short Trailers
20k Super Short 4042′Empty5th Wheel
40k Super Short 4042′Loaded5th Wheel
40′ Trailers
26k Super 4051′ 10″Lightly LoadedGooseneck or 5th Wheel
40k Super 4051′ 10″Loaded5th Wheel
60k Super High 4050′ 11″Fully Loaded5th Wheel