Get It Before You Regret It

What do our customers always tell us?

They regret not buying a QuickLoadz sooner.

QuickLoadz saves you valuable time and money. Don’t spend an hour outside blocking up a container and winching it onto a trailer. Stay inside the cab of the truck, back up and tilt the bed, and let the QuickLoadz Super Bed do the work. It has hydraulic lifts that raise the container over the edge. It has two chains with hooks that loop into the corner castings and use the powerful Kohler engine to pull the container onto the bed. It has four corner locks that instantly secure the container without straps. 

Of course, it still works with all existing systems: loading docks, cranes, and forklifts. Watch how easily a forklift drops a container onto a QuickLoadz bed: 

Only a few left.

This is the 20k Super Bed. Don’t worry about getting the right truck to put together with a QuickLoadz bed—we sell beds separately or preinstalled on used Penske fleet trucks. It’s an all-in-one system that can move loaded containers, be a tow truck, dump truck, or flatbed. The full-metal deck comes standard. The automatic remote phone control comes standard. 

Pay $0 down with the first six months of payments at only $29/month.

The QuickLoadx 20k Super Bed is shown with the bed fully extended and lowered, ready to be loaded.
A number of 20k Super Beds are shown on the production floor of the QuickLoadz facilities.
- Sean