With QuickLoadz, Wait Times Go From 3 Hours To 3 Minutes

We estimated that detention is associated with reductions in annual earnings of $1.1 billion to $1.3 billion for for-hire commercial motor vehicle drivers in the truckload sector.

The Department of Transportation, 2018. Link.

DAT research revealed that 63 percent of drivers spend more than three hours waiting for their trucks to be loaded or unloaded on average, often leading to the missing subsequent loads as a result.

DAT, 2016. Link.

Save a billion dollars. Buy a QuickLoadz.

Loading dock wait times are just part of the savings, probably the smallest part.

QuickLoadz builds the only trailer in the world that can, all by itself, load and unload full sea shipping containers without the driver ever leaving their seat in the truck cab in three minutes. Entire 60,000 lb. loads can be picked up and delivered. No waiting on loading docks. With the container and its merchandise sitting on the ground, loading docks aren’t needed.

Turn 3+ hours wait into 3 minutes. Eliminate loading docks, eliminate accidents.

QuickLoadz. Safe, fast, simple, cheap, versatile.

A QuickLoadz trailer at an angle with a shipping container loaded.
- Sean