Win Freight

Only system that can be made autonomous.

What is better than a self driving truck?

A truck that can pick up and drop off loads all by itself.

Everyone is working on the self driving truck:

GM has a self-driving autonomous 20’ platform
Google and Waymo are testing autonomous trucks
Tesla’s all-electric semi will ship with full autonomy
Toyota has its own autonomous container system for ports

Who will win freight? Whomever marries the self driving truck with QuickLoadz.

QuickLoadz is the only system in the world that can be made to autonomously load and unload sea shipping containers. QuickLoadz exists today. QuickLoadz is moving containers all over the world today. QuickLoadz is so automated that the driver never leaves their seat in the cab of the truck.

Fast, light, safe, simple, versatile, sturdy and cheap.

The way to truly revolutionize freight exists in a home grown, high tech, heavy manufacturing company in South Eastern Ohio.

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Want to see how it works?

- Sean