What’s QuickLoadz?

QuickLoadz is a revolutionary automated trailer that is computer controlled and Wi-Fi enabled to allow a driver to move loaded sea shipping containers in three minutes without ever leaving their seat in the truck cab.

90% of the world’s freight travels in standardized sea shipping containers.

This is called intermodal freight and it is the basis for world trade. A $9.6 trillion dollar market. Imagine that 90% of everything everyone buys travels in these sea shipping containers. Now imagine that one company in the world has figured out a way to make moving these containers from one place to another fast, safe and easy without any additional equipment.

A QuickLoadz automated trailer at an angle with a container loaded.

QuickLoadz opens up the world to intermodal freight in a way never before possible.

QuickLoadz allows any container to be moved anywhere without need for additional infrastructure such as loading docks, warehouses and cranes. Farmers can eliminate grain trailers, grain elevators and go straight from field to international shipping. Every small manufacturer or retail store can suddenly have dynamic 1/10-cost containerized warehouses—warehouses that they can ship all over the world. In emergency situations, relief supplies and containerized hospitals can be deployed rapidly, bringing the supplies and dropping them at ground level where needed. Parking lots become distribution centers. Massive infrastructure for trans-loading and storage are no longer needed. Logistics takes a giant leap forward in cost reduction and efficiency.

QuickLoadz is the last piece to create the new world of freight.

A world where distribution centers can “pop-up,” expand, or contract where needed. A world where the autonomous truck can work with a QuickLoadz to deliver entire container loads of freight in 3 minutes without anyone touching the load.

QuickLoadz is all alone in this chance to revolutionize a 9.6 trillion dollar logistics market. QuickLoadz has no competition, has worldwide patents and is looking for partners to accelerate. QuickLoadz is cash flow positive and its customers include the US Army, Pac-Van, United Van Lines.

QuickLoadz will change the world of freight and logistics in ways still not thought of.

That’s QuickLoadz. Want to come along?

A distance view of the QuickLoadz headquarters with the logo on a container in the foreground.
- Sean