Wanted: Drayage company that wants more business

Can you spell “opportunity”?

Every day at QuickLoadz, we get emails and calls like this one:

A screenshot of two emails, the second in response to the first. The first email, from Franklin, reads "....but, unfortunately, I'm not in the business -- so you won't be selling directly to me. OTOH, I would be interested in knowing if there are any drayage companies with your 40' unit in the area near San Jose/Oakland, California and/or Greensboro, North Carolina. Of course, if I end up sing 'em, I'd let them know that getting your system was a great investment and they should buy more.
Also, is there a "magic word" to describe ground-level loading and unloading? Whenever I do searches for drayage companies or heavy haulers I get tons of responses that always want the intermodal container to be on a chassis."
Sean, the CEO of QuickLoadz, responded, "I wish I could help you. We are new and so there are not that many of them in the hands of drayage companies yet. There is no other system out there, nothing else to ask for. Really strange that all these years there hasn't been another system invented for what is obviously a big problem. 
That unfortunately leaves you with renting a crane or forklift on both ends."

QuickLoadz is the only fast, safe, light, cheap way to move empty or loaded sea shipping containers without a giant crane or forklift. No one wants the chassis, they want the container and the merchandise in it. The very first drayage company that adopts it will be able to name their price for moving loaded containers.

- Sean