Valqari and QuickLoadz Announce Joint Development Agreement

ATHENS, OHIO—Valqari, LLC, creator of the patented Smart Drone Delivery Station, and QuickLoadz, the leader in automated shipping container handling, are thrilled to announce a joint development agreement to provide a fast, safe, and simple way to facilitate package delivery drones.

QuickLoadz computer controlled Wi-Fi trailers are the only trailers in the world capable of moving loaded shipping containers automatically. QuickLoadz’s system provides a fast, safe, flexible micro-distribution center which can fit into a parking space allowing Valqari, along with their other partners to solve the final-mile delivery problem.

“Autonomous delivery is here now and expanding quickly. Valqari with their partners are putting together the leading drone package delivery system,” said Sean Jones, CEO of QuickLoadz. “We are very excited to be working with them.”

Valqari’s Drone Delivery Station is the only solution that has solved the “last inch” logistic problems associated with drone deliveries, allowing for an entirely automated and secure drone package delivery. The seven and a half-feet high Drone Delivery Station offers a convenient landing station with six separate storage units to accommodate multiple drone and traditional deliveries or pickups. The station also maintains a digital chain of custody throughout the entire delivery process to give users peace of mind knowing their packages are secure until retrieved.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with QuickLoadz which will allow us to expand our cargo delivery support capabilities. Our mission aligns with QuickLoadz to ultimately reshape the global logistics industry with safer, smarter and faster solutions,” said Ryan Walsh, CEO and co-founder of Valqari.

About QuickLoadz

QuickLoadz builds computer controlled and Wi-Fi enabled truck beds and trailers to allow a driver to move loaded sea shipping containers in 3 minutes without leaving their seat in the truck cab.

95% of the world’s freight travels in sea shipping containers. This is called intermodal freight and it is the basis for world trade. A $9.6 Trillion dollar market. QuickLoadz allows any container to be moved anywhere without need for additional infrastructure such as loading docks, warehouses and cranes. QuickLoadz opens up the world to intermodal freight in a way never before possible.

QuickLoadz is the last piece to create the new world of freight. A world where distribution centers can “pop-up” expand or contract where needed. A world where the autonomous truck can work with a QuickLoadz to deliver entire container loads of freight in 3 minutes without anyone touching the load.

QuickLoadz doesn’t stop with revolutionizing freight. Under development, QuickLoadz’s new all-electric axle system can provide 25% in fuel savings. Also under development, QuickLoadz’s trailers multiple cameras, computer, Wi-Fi, GPS and GSM creates a built in SAAS cloud logistics system that can provide real time information which no other system can come close to.

About Valqari

Valqari, a Chicago-based start-up and recently named “Best Tech Startup in North America” by the 2020 Timmy Awards, has created the only drone delivery solution that has solved the “last inch” logistic problems with its patented Drone Delivery Station. It features communication technology that will allow for an entirely automated drone delivery. Valqari patents have been cited by 108 other patents and holds utility patents in 14 countries and territories including: the U.S., the U.K., Germany, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Australia, South Africa, and several other countries in the European Union. To learn more about Valqari visit

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