The Problem With Your Manager

Does your manager make your job hard, slow, and dangerous? If you are moving containers the old way with winches, straps, and chains, tell your manager about QuickLoadz.

Drivers want a safe, fast, easy way to move containers. But the managers buying the trailers have never moved a container in their lives.

The drivers who move containers know that moving containers is a difficult, time consuming, skilled, and dangerous job—which is why those drivers are so rare. It isn’t just driving a truck.

This is the management failure: The executives sitting in an office that have never delivered a container in their lives are simply searching for the very cheapest tow trailer that they can buy to put in their fleets.

The executives that sit in the office staring at spreadsheets constantly complain that they can’t keep drivers, yet turn around and buy the same old equipment that they have bought for 50 years.

QuickLoadz takes a 30 minute skilled, dangerous job and turns it into 3 minutes of pushing buttons on a smart phone. There is nothing else like it in the world. Move entire loaded containers in 3 minutes without getting out of your seat.

Drivers want QuickLoadz.

Moving containers with QuickLoadz is fast and easy. The driver loads the container with his smartphone or tablet, from inside the truck cabin.

Some of the largest mobile storage companies in the US have seen production double using QuickLoadz. The US Army is a customer.

Make your drivers happy. Without a driver, nothing gets delivered, and that half price new trailer is useless.

Move into the future. Buy QuickLoadz.

- Sean