The Perfect Contractor Truck

I wanted the perfect contractor truck. I built a container mover that’s also a tow truck, flat bed, and dump truck all in one. The Swiss Army Knife of trucks.

We have the only system designed specifically to move containers. QuickLoadz has automatic hydraulic locks, a built-in rearview camera, and remote control that works on the driver’s smartphone. The whole system is so automated you don’t really have to get out of the truck—all standard.

This is the unit Pac-Van is ordering for their 20′ container deliveries.

Of course it can be used like a tow truck, move equipment, and carry pallets like a flatbed. The bed itself slides out like a rollback tow truck to give a low loading angle when you need it. One of my favorite features of the truck version is the 50° tilt angle. The tilt not only gives you a dump truck, but allows you to get really close to a container and grab it when there is not much room.

This video shows grabbing a container without any room. It also shows using the hooks as quick chain pulls if you need to pull a container in position to grab it.

This is our contractor video that shows some of the versatility:

This video shows how you can use the tow bar to unload a bed full of pallets:

There are a bunch of videos on our YouTube channel showing how it works, how it loads in gravel, snow, ice.

This is actually one of my favorite trucks.


We were always getting calls from the oil and gas guys who wanted a container full of pipe in some awful location. So we put a QuickLoadz bed on a Military M939 5-ton 6×6 truck. We have gotten calls from tow companies for it as a ditch / off road tow truck.

- Sean