QuickLoadz Announces Big New Client

ATHENS, OHIO—QuickLoadz is announcing that Santa Claus will be using a QuickLoadz 60k Super High 40 to deliver toys around the world this Christmas.

In the past, the bulk of his night has been spent unloading his sleigh by hand. This year, the jolly saint has solved his logistics problems. Towing a QuickLoadz on his sleigh, he can unload 60,000 lb. containers full of toys in neighborhoods all around the world. Squads of “flex elves” will be handling final-mile deliveries to homes.

QuickLoadz is the only trailer that can fully automatically unload a container up to 60,000 lbs. in just minutes. Santa likes how there’s no manual labor involved with moving containers with his QuickLoadz—it’s controlled remotely from his smartphone. He also likes how there’s no time wasted with winches, chains and straps needed to load the container back up again. After all, every house has a chimney, but not very many have cranes or loading docks.

Happy holidays from QuickLoadz.

- Sean