QuickLoadz 40′ Container Trailers

Big and small. Truck and semi.

  • The 26k Super 40 can be pulled with a heavy-duty pickup truck.
  • The 40k Super 40 can move loaded containers up to 24,980 lbs.
  • The 20k and 40k Super Short 40 have the lowest curb weight and the shortest overall length in their class at just 42′.
  • The 60k Super High 40 can move fully loaded containers, ready for freight and international shipping. The deck height is perfect for use at loading docks.
  • The Stealth 40 is all-electric. Hybrid Power Axles charge the battery automatically and power the truck for better milage. Preorders are now open.

Build it how you want. Use it how you need.

  • Models available with a tagalong hitch, step deck, gooseneck or fifth wheel.
  • Move two 20′ containers with the optional Dual 20′ Container Locking Pins.
  • Select models can be optioned with frame upsizes, drop decks, toolboxes, air ride suspension and more.
  • With the standard full metal deck, you can drive vehicles and equipment directly onto the bed or load pallets with a forklift.

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The fastest, safest, easiest loaded 40′ shipping container moving trailers.

QuickLoadz is the latest technology in moving loaded shipping containers. No need for cranes, binder chains, cables, or winches. Just move it and move on—load or unload in just 3 minutes! QuickLoadz automates all of these key functions:

  • Hydraulic lifters raise the end of the container
  • Truck or trailer bed slides under the container
  • Bed tilts and moves container forward with Dual Chain Drive
  • Container locks down with automated hydraulic locking pins

A versatile flatbed, tow truck/trailer, dump truck, and equipment mover all in one.

From shipping container trailers to full bed container trucks, engineered for 40’ shipping containers.

Standard Features

QuickLoadz trailers come standard with:

  • All-Electric Power Pack
  • Brain Box & Remote Smartphone Control
  • Rearview Camera
  • Automated Loading and Unloading
  • Automatic Locking
  • Winch-free Design

Remote Controlled

QuickLoadz takes automation seriously. All of our trailers can be controlled remotely with:

  • Step-by-step loading and unloading
  • Manual control of every trailer function
  • Standard smartphone and tablet control
  • Rear-view backup camera

All automated, so you never have to leave the truck cabin.

Operating QuickLoadz Remote Web App Software
Move loaded containers without the driver ever leaving their seat in the truck cab.

The Stealth 40

Preorders Open

The Stealth 40.

All-electric battery power.
Hybrid Power Axles.
The same QuickLoadz features.