No-Winch, Automated Container Transport Trailers: QuickLoadz Launch

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA—November 10, 2013–QuickLoadz (“Move it. Move on.”) announced today the launch of trailer models featuring the company’s revolutionary, patent-pending container moving system. QuickLoadz trailers are the world’s safest trailers for container transport—no-winch and completely automated.

The new QuickLoadz trailers made their debut today at the NPSA (National Portable Storage Association) 2013 Conference and Tradeshow held November 10–12, 2013, at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

QuickLoadz diverse line of trailers offers something for everyone, with models available to move both 20’ and 40’ containers, empty and loaded. Pickup truck, semi-truck and truck-mounted products are available.


With QuickLoadz trailers, a single operator can move a container in three easy steps–without ever leaving the truck cab.

QuickLoadz trailers feature start-to-finish remote control hydraulics. All trailers also come  standard with a wireless rearview camera and a 7” Android tablet pre-loaded with QuickLoadz’ remote control app–compatible with any Android mobile device–and wireless rearview camera display.

QuickLoadz’ completely automated trailer design entirely eliminates the hazardous, inefficient winch/chain/cable system integral to old-fashioned container transport trailers.

With QuickLoadz, operators are never near the trailer or container during moving, removing them completely from ‘danger zones.’ Since QuickLoadz does the work of moving–not your operator–fast, efficient container moving no longer depends on skilled operators or extensive training.

More Standards That Matter

QuickLoadz trailers include the following standards:

  • 40 HP Engine: 2x the competition
  • No-Winch Design
  • Total Automation: Start-to-finish remote control hydraulics
  • Wireless Rearview Camera
  • 7” Android Tablet: With wireless rearview camera display and remote control app
  • Automatic Locking: Hydraulic locking means no straps, chains, binders are needed
  • Safe Operation

Loading Surface Protection

All QuickLoadz trailers feature Safe-Driveway Rear Rollers under the back of the trailer to protect the loading surface from damage. That means no more scratched driveways or dug-up ground cover.

“We think container transport trailers should be both durable and gentle on the container and loading surface–Only QuickLoadz is both!” says QuickLoadz Founder and CEO Sean Jones.

“Our rear rollers are unique to QuickLoadz’ patent-pending design and cannot be offered on competitors’ trailers,” explains Jones. “Why? Those companies rely on jamming the hard, fixed wedge on the back of their trailers between the ground and the bottom of the container to get the container lifted off of the ground.”

“This process of forcing the static wedge between the ground and the front of the box to get the container lifted wreaks havoc on the container, contents and the customer’s loading surface,” continues Jones. “QuickLoadz’ design eliminates all that.”

The company’s patent-pending moving process also ensures the most gentle moving process on the market and does not slam the container during unloading. This makes QuickLoadz trailers perfect for the mobile storage industry and companies with residential or retail customers.

Expanded Markets

There are already 20 million ISO shipping containers worldwide. They are the international standard for moving freight. Yet, in two decades, very little has changed in the design of container transport trailers–until now.

QuickLoadz is poised to revolutionize the industry by enabling ISO shipping containers to finally reach market potential.

  • Only QuickLoadz protects the container, contents and loading surfaces–making it ideal for residential and retail customers.

  • Only QuickLoadz can easily move loaded containers.

  • Only QuickLoadz is foolproof, truly automated and safe for the operator.

By transcending the limitations of other container moving systems, QuickLoadz trailers are the most versatile on the market by far, significantly expanding markets for mobile storage, container storage, container supply and trucking/shipping companies with a QuickLoadz trailer.

Additionally, QuickLoadz makes the ISO shipping container viable to many industries which have previously been reliant on expensive, specialized trucks and trailers. These industries include: dumpster operator, general contractor and even towing companies.

To learn more about QuickLoadz’ patent-pending innovations and trailer models, visit

About QuickLoadz

QuickLoadz trailers feature the company’s revolutionary, patent-pending container moving system. QuickLoadz trailers are the world’s first no-winch, completely automated trailers for container transport.

QuickLoadz was founded on a simple premise: There must be a safer, smarter, faster way to move ISO shipping containers.

Prior to founding QuickLoadz, Sean Jones—Founder and CEO of QuickLoadz—owned Rockside Storage, a mobile storage business based in Southeast Ohio that was successfully acquired by Mobile Storage Group in 2007.

Like many mobile storage business owners, Jones was frustrated with the existing market solutions for pickup and delivery of ISO shipping containers to the end user.

A trained engineer and owner of a construction company, Jones set to work to design a better way to move containers. What had begun as a necessary ‘hack’ to compensate for the inefficient moving systems that had plagued Rockside Storage gradually evolved into QuickLoadz’ revolutionary trailer design.


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- Sean