It Is No News That Freight and Logistics Are Starting Rapid Change

The question is, “How do I capitalize on this; am I too late?”

The North American Freight and Logistics market was around $1,684,000,000,000 in 2017. Without freight and logistics, there is no economy. This $1.684 trillion dollar market is in rapid change.

New logistics companies like Uber Freight and Convoy are rapidly automating the connections between shippers and trucking companies. This software change is already well underway and a crowded space. Lots of competition.

Companies like Embark, Volvo, and Tesla are building autonomous trucks with new entries every month. Lots of competition.

Software doesn’t move boxes.

Neither do trucks. It is the trailer that moves the boxes.

There is one company in the world that is, right now, selling a trailer that can move loaded sea shipping containers all by itself in three minutes. It is fully freight compatible, fast, light, safe, cheap, and opens up enormous new markets.

No competition.

Competition is for losers.

– Peter Thiel

QuickLoadz trailers are so heavily automated, they can be made to run remotely.

QuickLoadz trailers carry around a Wi-Fi network and a computer. QuickLoadz trailers are all ready to be the next cloud based logistics system.

QuickLoadz trailers are the last piece of the puzzle to change freight and logistics.

- Sean