I Did It; Everyone Did

When there was nothing else available, everyone bought the old fashioned tilt and tow trailer that someone has welded a couple of side rails on and called a container mover.

What else were you going to do? But things have changed. Now, there is a trailer designed to move sea shipping containers.

Why would you buy a trailer designed to move cars instead of a trailer designed to move containers?

If you were a tow company and maybe 95% of what you did involved towing cars, then maybe, just maybe, it would be worthwhile buying a tow trailer instead. I say maybe, because QuickLoadz can:

  1. Also tow cars.
  2. See what’s behind you with its Wi-Fi rearview camera.
  3. Control itself with smartphone remote control hydraulics, entirely from the cab of the truck.
  4. Unload itself of pallets, cars, car parts, etc. with an optional tow bar.
  5. Use twice the power of any other trailer on the market with its 38 HP Kohler EFI engine. Technically, it is probably the only trailer you can operate legally in CARB states. An EFI engine is required in California and 12 others, with more being added every year.
  6. Come factory ordered with hot dip galvanizing. Really, what destroys a trailer faster than rust? What is a better rust protection than dipping an entire trailer into molten zinc?

But you don’t spend 95% of your time moving cars, you spend 99% of your time moving containers. So buy the only trailer in the world that can:

  1. Automatically move loaded sea shipping containers. No other company in the world is close to being able to offer this, and you can have it now.
  2. Automatically, at the press of a button, lock that container onto the trailer. How lazy would your driver have to be not to do that?
  3. Not destroy the customer’s asphalt or concrete by dragging the container and/or the trailer bed across it. QuickLoadz floats on big rollers. What is that expense?
  4. Legally move loaded containers. You know those office containers you move? Illegal, unless it is entirely loaded on the trailer. Federal law dictates all four corners on the trailer, secured by the corner castings. We have picked up a couple of customers who have discovered this the hard way—at a weigh station, accompanied by a huge fine. This fine alone is worth more than the price difference between even the most janky bottom of the barrel trailer and QuickLoadz. Let alone, you can no longer move office containers without the risk of another fine.

Mobile storage companies that have bought QuickLoadz have seen production double, and driver retention is at 100%. Try topping that with some trailer that hasn’t changed since 1972.

Last, we are within a couple of thousand dollars of other serious commercial trailer manufacturers, like Landoll. I know you can buy a Landoll knockoff for a lot less, but then you have a cheap knock-off tow trailer masquerading as a container mover.

Bottom line: If you move containers, it simply makes no sense to buy anything other than QuickLoadz.

- Sean