Difficult, skeptical, grumpy, four years before the first sale

One of the largest mobile storage companies in the US has just moved to QuickLoadz.

They grumpily bought one QuickLoadz. Complained about the price, complained about the wait time, complained that it was different.

Production doubled. The driver loved it.

They grumpily bought a second QuickLoadz for a different location. More complaining about the price, more complaining about the wait time.

Again, production doubled. A different driver loved it.

They are now only ordering QuickLoadz. They still complain…but now, only about the wait time.

An entirely new source of business opened up. Before, to comply with DOT, they couldn’t move loaded containers. Their old system had the container hanging off the back of the trailer. With QuickLoadz, the container is entirely on the trailer, and it is locked on.

Suddenly, they can move loaded containers. Suddenly, their contractor business doubled.

QuickLoadz is moving containers all over the world, every day.

QuickLoadz is so automated, the the driver never leaves their seat in the cab of the truck.

Fast, light, safe, simple, versatile, sturdy, and cheap.

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- Sean