Customized Containers

Outstanding for Modified Shipping Containers

A fast-growing creative crowd of shipping container modifiers are turning ISO containers into sleek homes, pop-up stores and shops, lively parking lot bars, sidewalk cafes, mobile medical clinics, containerized power generators, water filtration stations — you name it!

The QuickLoadz Container Loading System is revolutionizing intermodal shipping at its end-points — anywhere ISO containers need to be positioned and placed gently on the ground, loaded or empty, plain or modified.

QuickLoadz for Container Customizers of All Stripe

With QuickLoadz, you never have to drop a container onto the ground. Our powered Lift Wedges place the container gently on a paved or unpaved surface, without risking damage to contents or modifications.

QuickLoadz can reduce cost, risk, and time/effort for all end-point users who customize ISO shipping containers for any purpose. It is advanced new technology that is simple to use, ultra-safe and ultra-efficient.

A Better Way to Move ISO Containers

Rather than moving a container onto the bed, our powerful Dual Chain Drive slides the QuickLoadz bed under the container, then pulls the container forward. Hydraulic pins automatically lock the container corners to the bed, securing the load without chains or straps.

True No-Touch

QuickLoadz picks up or leaves a loaded or empty container in two minutes, without chains, cranes, winches, or straps, and without the driver unbuckling a seat belt. The driver operates QuickLoadz from any smartphone, from the safety of the cab. Just back up to the container — our built-in rearview camera makes that part easy — and run the whole pick-up or delivery right from a screen.

Powerful, Cost-Efficient Flexibility

Whether mounted on a truck bed or hauled as a trailer, QuickLoadz works with all standard ISO shipping containers, with no modifications required. And it interfaces well with all current freight systems—loading docks, container port cranes, and forklifts.  It is the simplest, lightest system ever engineered to move sea shipping containers.

  • QuickLoadz allows a driver to pick up or drop off any ISO shipping container quickly and efficiently, whether the container is loaded or empty.
  • QuickLoadz has automated hydraulics that allow the operator to pick up or drop off a container with the safest, fastest, and smartest loading experience available.
  • And QuickLoadz never drags or drops a container—it gently picks up and drops off without causing any damage or marking pavement surfaces.
  • QuickLoadz features a smartphone-based controller with a built-in rearview camera. The operator simply sits in the truck and directs the system from any smartphone.
  • QuickLoadz provides a better way to deliver, move, and remove modified containers – container pop-up shops, container bars, container cafes, container clinics, containerized generators and water filtration units.