Customer Success Story: Scaffolding Company

I have a mom and pop scaffolding company that bought a QuickLoadz a while ago.

They are good at math, and so it was an easy sale. They used to have a fleet of box trucks and lots of warehouse space. Now they have one QuickLoadz and cheap, cheap storage containers.

Containers are so cheap that they keep common job sizes of scaffolding in containers. They keep all of their containers sitting on the ground so they can just shuffle from one container to another to make exactly what goes to a job. They can load a job a week in advance because it isn’t like having a box truck tied up for a week, it’s just a $1,000 container sitting on the gravel waiting to take its load to the next job.

Now, instead of constantly loading from their warehouse into box trucks, then unloading scaffolding from a box truck 4′ off of the ground at a job site, they just pick up the pre-loaded container from their gravel lot, drop it off on the job site, and access it from ground level. No more needing the warehouse space for stacks of scaffolding. Now they use their warehouse space for repairing and making new scaffolding. Plus, the containers work out to $3/sq. ft., whereas the warehouse space is $30/sq. ft. They don’t pay property tax on the containers. They don’t pay insurance on the containers. As they get more business, they just buy more $3/sq. ft. containers instead of building more $30/sq. ft. warehouse.

Then they got the bright idea to lease the container to the contractor after they unloaded their scaffolding. Now they are getting paid to have a 8′ × 20′ billboard for their scaffolding company on these job sites. Then, they started leasing containers to contractors whether they were renting scaffolding or not. They already had a customer base to market to. They instantly added a whole new line of business without trying. Great ROI on renting containers, plus, they still get paid to have their scaffolding company billboard on the job site. They are going to move into container job site offices next.

They are looking to expand by simply renting gravel lots in nearby towns. They don’t need to rent a warehouse, they don’t need loading docks any more. With QuickLoadz, they can move jobs around easily, expand easily. 3 minutes to move a loaded container, without the driver ever leaving their seat in the truck cab.

Amazing. Made me smile when they told me about it.

How many trucks and how much warehouse space can QuickLoadz eliminate for your business?

- Sean