Competition is up, margins are down. Time to pull a ninja move.

For the first time ever, a North American company is not at the top of the North American Trailer and Truck builder report.


Not for the first time, many North American company’s sales are stagnant or have gone down slightly while overall trailer sales have gone up.

The margins on container chassis have been driven down to the point some companies have exited the container chassis business altogether.

What is going to happen as dry freight van margins continue to go down? Are companies that have been building trailers for generations just going to disappear?

Some will disappear. Some will disappear when the current hot economy cools just a little and thin margins aren’t covered by a larger volume.

Smart companies will slide sideways into a next generation trailer.

A trailer that is patent protected worldwide. A trailer that is so far ahead of everyone else that no one is even starting to work on what they are already building and selling. A trailer that can revolutionize freight. A trailer that can save an end user like Wal-Mart billions a year. A trailer that meshes perfectly with the autonomous truck.

A trailer like QuickLoadz.

We can’t build them fast enough.

We could use a partner who is looking to the future. You can always use a head start on the next generation. Let’s talk.

- Sean