Clever New Use for a QuickLoadz Bed

We made QuickLoadz to be the multi-use, Swiss Army Knife of trucks, but this is a new one.

We have a contractor who uses a military truck version of the 20k Super Bed. They deliver containers with it, they use it as a dump truck, they use it to move equipment.

But what is new? The first time a QuickLoadz bed was used as a bridge.

They had to clear land for a surveyor; they had their BobCat skidsteer with a brush hog on front.

But the bridge to the back of the property was out. Ten foot drop to the creek bed.

Didn’t stop them—they backed up to the edge of where the bridge used to be, slid the bed back, and used the QuickLoadz bed as a bridge.

Skid steer loaded on QuickLoadz bed.

The Bobcat is loaded on the QuickLoadz bed.

The QuickLoadz bed slides backwards, crossing the chasm.

The QuickLoadz bed slides backwards, crossing the chasm.

Skid steer drives off the bed.

The Bobcat drives off the bed to the other side.

The land is cleared.

The land is cleared; job well done!

- Sean